Company Profile

Jason Akroyd MBA IMNZ

Managing Adviser


Based in Whangarei, Business Performance Improvement (BPi) is ideally and centrally placed to service an area from Auckland to Cape Reinga.


Seeing a sense of economic optimism returning to the area since 2013, BPi was incorporated with the goal of helping businesses grow, become sustainable or both.


Who we can help:


Small to Medium Enterprises (SME)

The global financial crisis (GFC) has led to the business community becoming, understandably, cautious and somewhat risk adverse when it comes to growth and expansion.  There is an appetite but, how can this be achieved without extensive risk?  Well, for a small to medium sized enterprise, BPi can provide advice on all aspect(s) of business strategy, implementation and planning. However, we can take this a step further with you.  Our aim is to take business consultancy beyond advising and actually helping with the ‘doing’. BPi’s managing adviser, Jason Akroyd MBA, has worked in corporates to SMEs, from leisure to construction and from customer service to general management. This breadth of experience means that BPi not only helps with your growth strategy, we can also help you put it into place and partner you through your next critical phase.


Large Business or Government Organisation

Large or small, for profit or not, the principles of business planning and strategy are the same.  Government organisations are under increasing pressure to become more ‘business like’. They are expected to return good results with an increasing amount of expectation around knowledge, accuracy, acumen and budgetary performance. Add the ‘shareholders’ of the general public into the mix and you have the same drivers and expectations as a publicly listed company.

One of the keys to success in any of these entities is consistency.  BPi can provide facilitation and assistance to not only put some efficiencies into the processes you have, we can also provide bespoke tools to track how the improvement is progressing. This is in addition to the identical principles of business and strategic planning mentioned above.


A discussion costs nothing but could just lead to great things. Better to make the call than wonder "what if?"


Jason Akroyd



Jason is fanatically passionate about business. More specifically conducting business well. One of his own sayings, as his children will attest to, is "there is only one way to do anything in this world...properly!".


Starting working life as a labourer/trainee estimator in the UK construction industry, Jason was managing projects and operatives by the age of nineteen. This afforded him a great opportunity to learn a wide variety of business management attributes, from a young age. Some of these lessons are prevalent today and have benefitted a number of businesses along the way.


The recession of the early nineties saw Jason move into the banking world where he made his mark recognising and instigating opportunities for improved and consistent systems. His approach and impact was felt across Customer Services, Valuation Surveyors and a specialist Technology arm of personnel. At times working across a national portfolio, this helped strengthen his skills and beliefs around communication and uniformity leading to success.


By the mid to late nineties, having already gained qualifications in fitness instruction, Jason moved into the leisure industry. After 11 months and writing a weekly newspaper column, General Management beckoned which saw Jason draw on all his previous experiences to grow the company he worked in.


Following a significant change in personal circumstances, Jason returned to the construction industry where he jointly oversaw and quadrupled the organisation. The passion for systems and consistency helped to build a strength that would see the company through GFC.


A move to New Zealand in 2007 brought a new experience in running an asphalt operation. Appointed for his leadership capabilities, this operation improved its safety record and increased its profitability four fold, within the ensuing ten month period. Returning this same result for the following three years, Jason moved into a strategic performance improvement role where his business planning and wide skill base was utilised across New Zealand and, on occasion, into Australia.


Jason is now culminating this experience and passion for the benfit of the wider business community.